Bathroom Remodeling Trends

"A trend by definition is an event, style, or taste that is popular and changes with time or era. A bathroom remodel trends, therefore, for the previous decades is different from this decade." 

By Laura Chillin


Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom renovations with shower

The bathroom used to be a utilitarian space in a house, but it is evolving into a relaxation spot. An interior decorator or a bathroom trend enthusiast needs to know a new style, model, or popular taste that influences the choice of the users or experts in the bathroom components to install. However, keeping every trending detail could be tasking; you only need to pay great attention to the main bathroom's assets while you leave the rest to your creativity. Here are a few of the main bathroom's components worth observing.


There was a time that having a bathtub was a no-no. Nowadays, tubs are in vogue and come in small sizes for bathrooms with small space. Designers usually install Ofuro tubs, which are Japanese small-sized tubs. Ofuros are usually deeper than the standard tub but smaller, sometimes with a bench seat. The tubs become popular because it requires little space to install and gives a feeling of an in-house spa; it is equally a popular taste because it costs less to acquire and install.


A bathroom usually has a walk-in shower. As the name suggests, a Walk-in Shower is a type of shower where you can just walk in without a sill or doorstep. However, the trend is changing, and bathrooms are now being designed as a wet room. The tiles are equally being replaced with larger-format shower tiles. The tile comes in large size of about 16 inches or 10 feet, and it uses a tiny grout, which gives an illusion of one big continuous tile. The Large-format shower tiles also come in various designs ranging from marble, recycled plastic bottled materials, which are water-resistant and require low maintenance.

The shower floor can also be tiled with large-format shower tiles. The trend is moving from flooring material were usually slippery to the ones that are water-resistant and allow a significant level of friction to avoid slippery incidences.

A bathroom vanity used to be installed so that its base appears like an extension of the bathroom’s floor. The current trend is a floating vanity that doesn't touch the floor. The trendy floating vanity appears like an extension of the wall with a wide mirror and drawers. Floating vanity is trendy because it gives more space on the bathroom's floor and creates an illusion of large space; also, it is not 'competing' for floor's space, which allows for quick and easy cleaning of the bathroom.


Toilet seats have always been an essential part of a bathroom; while the toilet usually has its demarcation, it is becoming a trend now for a toilet to have its own space but no "departmentalization." Nowadays, toilet seats also come with a bidet, rather than having a separate bidet tub or seat.

Conclusively, bathrooms are transitioning from just a utilitarian spot for washing oneself to a multiple-purpose spot for relaxation.