How Do I know It's Time to Remodel My Kitchen

"A Kitchen is a vital space of any house; as a gas station is to a car, so is a kitchen to a house and its occupants." 

By Laura Chillin



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A Kitchen is a vital space of any house; as a gas station is to a car, so is a kitchen to a house and its occupants. The kitchen, like any structure, over time, would require remodeling. There is a need to differentiate between remodeling and renovation before considering remodeling your kitchen. When you renovate, you bring a model back to its original state, structure, or form; however, remodeling is the makeover of a model not just in appearance but also in structure and form. Knowing the difference between renovation and remodeling would give you exactly what your kitchen really needs. However, it is wise not to wait for all the assets in your kitchen to deteriorate beyond renovation before planning for remodeling.The essential kitchen’s assets are ventilation system, flooring, ceiling, wall, doors, windows, plumbing, cabinetry, and hardware; any irreparable damage in these assets might mean it is time to remodel your kitchen.

Cabinetry and Hardware

When you notice a deterioration in your cabinet, you can begin to plan a remodel. You should equally pay attention to the functioning of your cabinet. The cabinet's materials' expansion and contraction due to frequent changes in the kitchen's temperature could cause malfunctioning; for instance, you might notice the cabinet doesn't close firmly again. Although minor Refacing might fix the cabinet's door or drawer that fails to close firmly, these are early signs that your cabinet needs remodeling.

Ventilation system

The kitchen is a space in your house where evaporation is certain and intense. The quality of your kitchen’s atmosphere is usually comprised, as heavy materials evaporate with water vapor, thereby making the kitchen's air dense. A ventilation system ensures adequate and clean hair for good and healthy living. Therefore, if you notice yourself and any members of your household are complaining of fatigue, headache, running nose, or lingering bad odor, you might have to start planning to revamp your kitchen's structure and arrangement.

Flooring, Ceiling, and Wall

Another aspect of your kitchen that could call for remodeling is the flooring, ceiling, and wall; therefore, if you start to notice cracks in their tiles or stains that just failed to be mobbed off, then it is time to remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen’s Layout

The layout of a kitchen should allow easy access to your cutlery and utensils and kitchen space. Your family should be able to gather in the kitchen and easily enter and exit the kitchen's space without any 'clog.' Although a kitchen is not a playground for children, neither should it be turned into one; nevertheless, kids should be able to stay, eat and do homework in it without parents or wards looking over their shoulder too often.The reason for having a kitchen is not just for cooking but a place where the family "congregate" and "commune" if your kitchen begins to betray this purpose that is a clear sign of changing its structure and layout.No matter the level of damage you notice in any of the kitchen's essential components or inconvenience created by the layout, the state of your wallet would eventually determine whether remodeling is feasible or the time should be postponed.